Monday, October 14, 2013

Wannabe Macaroons

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta love to eat...

Isn't how goes that pop song?, well it is true. If you dont love eating you cant be with me. I mean, food for me is important but dessert is even important for me. Dessert can make that 2 persons falls in love, can make kids smile, makes someone feel special. It is the reason that i love to cook sweet dishes. Create instant happiness for others. Except for me! This bring instant unhappiness to me. Well at least my latest dessert project  Macaroons does.

The very first time i saw those little cookies called "Macaroons" was on a cookbook 3 years ago. In that book i saw those adorable mini cookies, with different flavours and fillings and an endless posibilities to add flavours on it. I though "Javi, You really needs to learn how to make Macaroons"

Later, when i start to writte on this blog i said to myself "What a great way to start my blog by doing macaroons, dont you think?" So i spend half of my salary on ingredients to make distintic macaroons like, french vanilla, chocolate with Limoncello, Brandy, Cardamom, Brazilians nuts, and other very expensive things. I study like a mad man looking recipes from all the web to make the "Perfect Macaroons" and well the result wasn't how i expected. It is SO FREAKING HARD!!!

My first batch, Burned! Problem? Oven too high. The second Batch went Dry, WAY dry. Sahara desert Dry. The third batch it looked good at sight but the i realize that all of them were hollow on the inside and that's how i decides to quit on them. Until yesterday when i try to get back to the horse and see what i can do.

I try to make it simple, so i choose a classic chocolate macaroon. I measure, follow exactly the recipe until my worst fear "the macaronage" in that step is when i try to be the most methodic person on the planet! Well as you can see i failed again. It doesn't form that little distintic "foot" on the macaroon it also they are flat. as you can see but the taste went perfect (at least) that's why i named "Wannabe Macaroons" (Also because i was listening the Spice girls)

Hope the next time i can actually bake some Perfect Macaroons...Tell me, have you done macaroons before? what is your secret?


  1. Thanks for the flashback to a great song. ;) I still think your Macaroons look good!

    1. The Spice Girls are a guilty pleasure for me, i'm more used to rock music or Swing HEHEHE, Well it used to taste great, i put some white chocolate Ganache and Strawberry marmalade as a Filling But i still think that something is missing over there. Thanks for passing by dear!