Thursday, January 30, 2014

A brand new year, a brand new blog

I know, I know... it's not the beggining of the year but it is the beggining of my year, 2014 starts today for me. I been quite disconected from the blog and that seems to be an issue (at least for me, dont have a loyal Audience yet) but is because i live on Venezuela and we have a certain situation with the food and is that you CAN'T find it anywhere. Basic Pastry ingredients like Butter, Sugar and Flour are out of the stock on ALL supermarkets and stores and when ou find it you need to wait for hours on a line in order to buy a pair of flour package This year i been counting with some luck in the Ingredients departament so it's time to bake and cook again.

You also can probably note that i have change the entire layout, if you follow me on my Instagram you should know that i got inspired by one of my favorite ties. The blog got a certain British Vintage look that i love because looks manly and fresh and that's domething that i was looking for.

For this Second Season i'm willing to fill pages and pages of great sweet treats, good wishes, tons of music, books and of course let's raise our champagne glasses and drink up!

Welcome back and let's Swing this shit out!

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