Monday, November 24, 2014

Pâte choux Challenge

No, i haven't forgot to renew the blog... just been quite busy with my job and of course working on my thesis (Yep, i'm a full college boy) but if you follow me on my instagram you should know that i been baking really often this past months. Also, do you guys realize what date it is? Well it supposed to be the day that i arrive to the marvelous London city. In a perfect world I'll be there just resting on my hotel and eager to see new places and try new things however is not a perfect world, is my world and i must say. My world SUCKS! I'm so trapped on my country that is almost like a joke. And after look for my plane tickets for almost 5 months and discover that is impossible to find it.. i just gave up to the possibilities to travel this year to that place.