Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bad News and Spreading some Hazelnut Love

First things first, I have Terrible News... my trip to London have been Cancelled. Is one of those days when you realize that nothing goes right as schedule. Looking a plane ticket in Venezuela is impossible i can assure you that, been looking for one since July. You can't find any plane tickets and if you are lucky enough to find one its going to worth 3 times the original prize is INSANE!. So I'm quite depressed about it, it's like been kidnapped on my own Country and i been eating my worries with endless chocolate chips and double chocolate cookies from Subway and loads of peach iced tea. Also, i been watching loads of videos from my favorite youtubers Raiza Costa and Rossana Pansino. Those girls are awesome and never miss their shows and yesterday night i saw a recipe from Raiza the most versatile "Hazelnut Spread" Couldn't Resist.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mixed Emotions like Mixed flavours

After 4 months without writting i'm returning with a recipe.. I been quite busy with the Work, Eat, Work, Eat Sleep Repeat and also i'm working my ass on my Thesis to finally have my Accounting Degree (Whohooo!) so i'm hoping, wanting with my life to have my graduation on November. (Fingers Cross).

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tea-Time Treats

I had a few weeks withour atually bake anything. Dont get me wrong, i would love to bake something sweet like everyday but with my lack of time, ingredients, money you know all important things i cant bake as i want. Yesterday i discover that i have all those ingredients and started to Bake something. Real easy and totally "scrumptious"

I must say that a couple of weeks ago i started you watch "Downton Abbey" I trully love to see and read oldfashion novels where rich people lives in old houses and  talk with words like "Lovely" and "Breathtaking" while finds the love of their lives and "Downton Abbey" was a perfect to live an alternative life as a Count who drinks everyday his tea with a splash of lemon juice and cream. that's why i felt this inpiration to create something that it will be delicious for the Tea Time. My Cinnamon and Orange Ladyfingers.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sour-Sweet Comebacks

After a couple rough months here on my country I finally got some peace. However the fighting is not over yet. Both sides of the political parties are fighting real hard to get the power. Me, as the young bright man that I am just try to be the most critical and just live with it.

This past Sunday, i made these delicious pancakes. I must say ‘m a pancake lover not only because i can eat them all day long it’s because they come out perfectly of the pan. Because i’m running low on ingredients mainly because i can’t find them anywhere and  i had to make a couple of substitutions on my batter. Now after playing with the ammounts and taking as a base my own pancake batter it’s a whole new recipe. I call them “Lemon Pie Pancakes”

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Serious Minute, Nothing is Sweet over here.

Some of you know or maybe don't know that i live on Venezuela an amazing country with great people but in this few days Venezuela has been into the spotlight with political manifestation who start this past wednesday February 12. On my city this morning about 4 am the National Guard Trew tear bombs over Young students who were manifesting on peace on the streets. It's sad because our goverment try to block twitter and facebook. The limited National Channels on Venezuela doesn't show any news and it worries.

Today and tomorrow there's nothing sweet on the blog.
Instead i leave something bitter and harsh to swallow.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Looking for a Cookie Affair?

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, i can see that the foodie blogs, the pinterest boards and the twitter ads are bursting  with hearts, chocolate Everywhere, Red and pink food coloring on top of everything. It's all about Valentine's day. And Of course to be a Hip and Cool Blog i have to came up with a few treats to share on V-Day. By the Way, we're on February that means that our friends from the other side of the world are celebrating their New Year. The Chinese NewYear. I live in Venezuela and i must say that our chinese comunity it getting bigger and bigger so what better way to celebrate that mixing those celebrations with a batch of Cute little V-day Fortune Cookies.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Birthday Baking Disaster and Double C's Cupcakes

To keep the things in shape i must say that i'm trully in love with my blog. It is so pretty i cant stop looking, working, changing things and thinking about what i'm going to cook, what i'm going to read and how i'm going to mix those things on one. At this point if you read the other older posts you should know about my bubbly and loving Co-worker and Delightful Friend Rux. She is one of the most interesting, fun and Ennoying persons that i ever met in my whole life but in the short time that i been working on the Accounting Office the ONLY thing that makes my Working Life bearable because without her i would be misserable (Actually she makes my life a little misserable)