Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bad News and Spreading some Hazelnut Love

First things first, I have Terrible News... my trip to London have been Cancelled. Is one of those days when you realize that nothing goes right as schedule. Looking a plane ticket in Venezuela is impossible i can assure you that, been looking for one since July. You can't find any plane tickets and if you are lucky enough to find one its going to worth 3 times the original prize is INSANE!. So I'm quite depressed about it, it's like been kidnapped on my own Country and i been eating my worries with endless chocolate chips and double chocolate cookies from Subway and loads of peach iced tea. Also, i been watching loads of videos from my favorite youtubers Raiza Costa and Rossana Pansino. Those girls are awesome and never miss their shows and yesterday night i saw a recipe from Raiza the most versatile "Hazelnut Spread" Couldn't Resist.

The Nutella here on Venezuela is almost a deluxe item is ridiculous Expensive but on the past few years have gained popularity among the people. To me Nutella is Overrated, is just way too sweet (even to me a sweet lover) is not creamy, just an hazelnut paste with milk chocolate that tend to be sticky.. just hated. until i found this recipe. Raiza's Hazelnut spread is soft, creamy, with strong chocolate flavour and you can feel the hazelnuts but is not invasive is just Delicious!. I made a few modifications to the Original Recipe (as usual) to add others flavours layers.

adapted from Raiza Costa
for spread:
1/3 cup (40g) almonds - skinless
1 1/3 cup (160g) hazelnuts
1 3/4 cup (400g) whole milk
1 cup (60g) powdered whole milk- I Used powdered Chocolate Pudding gives a Soft texture
3 tbsp (40g) honey
pinch of salt
200g bittersweet chocolate
140g milk chocolate (at least 33% cacao solids)

You can see the directions on her video Tutorial and you should subscribe to her channel to see other of her creations.. she's so funny and bubbly and totally love her.

And if you want an extra kick on your Hazelnut Spread, add to the mix 1 Tb Spoon of Cinnamon, a pinch of Pepper and a hint of nutmeg and you'll be ready to immerse on the awesome flavours. You can use it on a toast on the morning or on a cookie even dip some fresh fruits to eat with it.. is so versatile and D-licious!

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