Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bad News and Spreading some Hazelnut Love

First things first, I have Terrible News... my trip to London have been Cancelled. Is one of those days when you realize that nothing goes right as schedule. Looking a plane ticket in Venezuela is impossible i can assure you that, been looking for one since July. You can't find any plane tickets and if you are lucky enough to find one its going to worth 3 times the original prize is INSANE!. So I'm quite depressed about it, it's like been kidnapped on my own Country and i been eating my worries with endless chocolate chips and double chocolate cookies from Subway and loads of peach iced tea. Also, i been watching loads of videos from my favorite youtubers Raiza Costa and Rossana Pansino. Those girls are awesome and never miss their shows and yesterday night i saw a recipe from Raiza the most versatile "Hazelnut Spread" Couldn't Resist.