Monday, October 7, 2013

Vampire Truffle Chronicles I: The Making

If you follow me, (I have the idea that's no one actually follows me) in my last publication i made the following question.. I you were a Dessert, What would you be? Well, i would be a Belgian Chocolate Eclaire with little chocolate chips and Pink Pepper on the filling. I am kind of a Gatsby meets Nirvana Boy. Dont know how to define my style because i have like 6 differents personalities who coexists on my head. Well, i do this little exercise when i read, i start making a list with with the physical characteristics of the protagonist and the main characters who appears on the book, After that i make another list but now with their personality traits And then i begin to associate their different features to Flavours and textures that goes well together.

The Last book i've read was "The Vampire Lestat" so i decides to make truffles inspired on the characters of that book.. Bloody vampires with hints of humanity. So, i Planned to make 5 types of Chocolate truffles inspired on Lestat (the main character) and the most important persons on his life: Gabrielle, Nicolas, Armand and Marius. The Lestat Truffle is a White chocolate Truffle (Inspired by his white skin) filled with floral honey and an almond. The Gabrielle Truffle it's also a white Truffle, I took this idea because  Gabrielle was Lestat's Mother and it's filled with almond Praliné.

For the Nicolas Truffles was Tricky, Nicolas is the first love of our protagonist, Nicky was a french violinist, very down to earth, Agnostic person. So i choose Milk chocolate for the Nicolas Truffles filled with a Milk chocolate ganache mixed with nutmeg and Cinnamon, a clasic truffle but a little upgraded. The Armand Truffles are made with really dark chocolate and Filled with homemade Pepper strawberries marmalade.

Last but not least, the Marius Truffles. Marius is an italian vampire, really old vampire.. it has about 1000 years and knows everything about the Vampires, Their creation, their Purpose, he is the keeper of loads of secrets. I wanna have something that embrace the italian and the "Secret" part. So this Truffle is a Dark chocolate ganache truffle filled with a Tiramisu cream and covered on white chocolate.

Are 5 different Truffle Recipes that you must do, it's a sophisticated treat to have on this upcoming Halloween. This Week i'm going to share the recipes of the truffles one by one. Let me know wich is your Favorite.


  1. I love that book, and I love the sound of that strawberry and black pepper marmelata. Very intriguing!

    1. It's an Unique combination, it's like sweet, sour, bitter and spicy all in one..