Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nuts, Zombies and Hard Rock Swing?

I have some good and some Bad news. The good news is that my boss returned from her vacations and found her cats alive (i'm not sure if this is a good news because i wanna to kill those cats myself) and left the office Cat-Free. The bad news is that the office still have that soft odor of cat poop, bleach and pine air freshener which is a bit better but i feel like still Smell Hideous. At least i dont spend too much time on the office these days. "Accountant Javi" leaves every single morning across the city about 30 mins away from my home to work as an External Auditor in a place called "Alimentos Oriente" (Orient Food) who is a food distributor, He feels so sick to go there and check every single little paper from their sales and buys. But from something band i found something good, just at my right i found a place where i can buy ANY nut or dry fruit. Almonds, Nuts, Macadamia nuts, barbacue corn and more... so after my payday i spend a bit and got Cashew, almonds, Pistachios and hazelnuts quite a feast. and i only spend about 230 Bs (Like 37 American Dollars) i think i made an excellent purchase.

Also Yesterday "Geeky Reader Javi" bought something that i must say its wonderful, he bought surprise surprise, a book... not any simple book. He bought a book called "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" by Seth Grahame-Smith. I think that is so hilarious and interesting because Jane Austen is one of my favorite book writters and adding zombies makes the book even more interesting and unique. Romance and brain eaters zombies, such a great Combination.

"Rock music junkie Javi" is also really excited because i was listening Electro Swing, you know pampering a little bit to my "1920's Javi" and after listening greats bands like "Electric Swing Circus" or "The Speakesies swing band" i found something that grabben my attention a band Called "Diablo Swing Orchesta"and when i listen the songs, well i felt in love. It's Rock music, mixed with jazz and Swing, that's why is so good. Here's a little sample if you wanna go crazy with some Avant garde Rock.

Oh! By the way, The brownies were a hit. Rux and Andy trully love the Salt and Pepper brownies. Lau didn't but she enjoy the Dark chocolate & Lemon Brownies. Getting this Feedback is real important for "Baker Javi" because make him improve his recipes. Also i would love to see some feedback over here about anything you like, you didn't like... you must leave me a comment.

See you at weekend, I hope

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