Thursday, September 19, 2013

Late Cookies and a Tea Party with the zombies

A Broken Oven made that my sunday night depressing, and a sad sad week, but i said a couple of weeks ago that my commitment with this blog is going to be complete, So i went to my father house for bake my adorable "Black Tea with Milk chocolate cookies" and guess what, They came Perfectly. Normally they are golden with little black dots, but i decide to add few green food coloring to the mix to have a fun and vibrant green colour. Between my family and friends were some mixed opinions about this cookies. My dad Said that the tea flavour was intense but not outshine the milk chocolate, My cousin said that the cookies had a buttery flavor that goes well with the tea and rux, my co-worker said that the cookies taste so well by itself, there's no need to dip them on chocolate. My oppinion was that i felt that were a little salty for my taste... i think my tonge is quite broken too.

I eat a some while i was re-reading the ending of my "Pride and Prejudice" Zombie version book, and of course that i made a couple of extra cookies inspired by the protagonists on my book. I could actually imagine Mr Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet eating this cookies at the afternoon with a snokey cup of Earl grey tea while they talking about the better way to kill a zombie. *Sigh* I think i got  a little bit nolstalgic about it.

Also i must say that my adventure with the "cameo cookies" were a totally FLOP, i try to make the silhouettes with black colored milk chocolate but the only thing that i did was a mess. Certainly i need to practice more with the chocolate if i wanna do fantastic creations dont you think?

If you wanna do a batch of this cookies i have linked the recipe right upthere, and i'm eager to see the reactions about it. I'm also highly recomend the "Jane Austen feat Seth Grahame-Smith" Book, it's refreshing but also very clasical, just like me.

PS: I think that a great way to enjoy your cookies and your book is listening music that goes with them, That's why i leave here a Recomendation that i been hearing for a couple of months. It's a Greek Swing band that i must say it's amazing. This song will makes you feel like you're at a 1940's tea party with the Darcys and the Zombies.


  1. These look delicious! Sorry to hear about your stove! I hope it's fixed soon!

    1. My oven is Still broken... I'm waiting my next Payday to send it to repair... But this situation makes me feel creative.. i'm thinking about "Non bake" Recipes now. Thanks for passing by, love to see you around ^^