Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting Ready for the treats

Today has been the day that i write my first post. Right now on my head i can hear an standing ovation for this triumphly moment. The past Weekend the "Artist Javi" was quite confused about the look of the blog, You know details like, the name of the Blog, the background, the Style, the banners. but as you can see i choose a very Modern and masculine (I think) background and Layout that i will improve on the next few weeks.

"Geeky Reader Javi" is Sad, he haven't read anything on the past 3 weeks. The last book that he read was "Interview with the Vampire" from Ann Rice Vampire Chronicles. He had a blast with that book so he started to looking for the secuel of that book called "Lestat the vampire" my surprise when i couldn't find the book in any Bloody Library over the city. My Co-Worker Rux said that if i want to read it so bad why not download it from the web like she always do but i rather have an actual book on my hands. There's something romantic about passing the pages from a book dont you think?

"Baker Javi" was really concern about the recipes. Our Kitchen is quite small. I live into an Apartament on the city with my Aunt and my Cousins so, is not confortable to cook there besides i dont have the proppers utensils to do elaborated things but i'm fully comitted with this blog so i'm going to invest every payday on something to upgrade my baking skills. Dont have a problem with the ingredient tho, i have all that i need for the next baking month.
The next week is going to be the birthday of one of my dearest friends Andy. His uncle died recently and he doesn't feel into the mood to celebrate his birthday but i care about him  A LOT so i wanna try to make him feel better with some of my Brownies. I'm quite famous for that on my little little very little circle of friends. So The next post it will be about brownies and my unique version of them.

Thanks for Passing by.
Accountant Javi

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